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Design Manual

The Design Manual describes and defines the University of Saskatchewan’s standards with respect to the design and construction of its buildings and grounds.  It is intended to be issued to Consultants engaged in the design of Building and landscaping Projects at the University.  All members of the Consultant Team are to be familiar with the contents of this Manual.

This Manual is intended to supplement the Client-Architect Agreement and the Agreement Between Owner and Contractor.  Where conflicts exist between the requirements of this Manual and those of Client-Architect Agreement or the Agreement Between Owner and Contractor, the requirements of the Client-Architect Agreement or the Agreement Between Owner and Contractor shall take precedence.  

Core Area Master Plan

The Core Area Master Plan has been developed for the University of Saskatchewan to respond to the need for a coordinated, cohesive approach to development on campus. The plan establishes the physical planning framework for growth of new areas and enhancement of existing areas of the University of Saskatchewan campus guided by the University's strategic goals and mission and based on an evaluation of issues including space needs, building and landscape design, sustainable development, traffic and parking, way-finding, utilities, facilities operations, maintenance, phasing, funding and the management of campus projects.

The need for the plan is a reflection of the evolving strategic goals of the University as defined by various strategic policy initiatives contained in the University Mission Statement, The University of Saskatchewan Objectives, Framework and Planning document and the current initiatives of the Enrolment Plan.

This Master Plan process is referred to as the Core Area Master Plan at University of Saskatchewan and the CAMP@US acronym. This process will establish a planning framework and design principles for both existing and expansion areas of the core area of the campus. These initiatives build upon the high standards of quality evident in the existing campus. The vision for the campus will place equal weight on the quality of outdoor spaces as it does on its buildings, creating a safe and active campus that reflects an image befitting the University.

Infrastructure Overview

The Infrastructure Overview was completed in November of 2010. It provides a brief campus infrastructure history and an inventory of the overall infrastructure assets along with short term needs and cost estimates for renewal and adaptation. An Infrastructure Master Plan will be developed later in the current planning cycle with long term growth and adaptation projections. The plan will be integrated with and directly support the needs of the pending Capital Vision and Long Range Capital Plan.

Building Matters

Building Matters is an annual publication of the Facilities intended to provide planning and construction activity updates on the changing face of the University of Saskatchewan Campus. The publication has provided an opportunity since 2002 to highlight how our capital achievements have all emanated from the mandate articulated in President Peter MacKinnon’s 2002 Strategic directions document.

A vital factor in the university’s success has been and continues to be the tremendous support of our partners.  Together, we have transformed dreams in to reality.  We are building futures.