Zone Projects

Interesting Facts

The Interior Designers at Facilities uphold University design standards.

The Project Office completes approximately 250 projects on campus per calendar year.

We produce enough steam heat in a year to melt 160 acres of ice 4 meters (13’) deep

The Project Office, made up of a group of professionals within the Planning and Development unit, is responsible for the project management of all zone and user funded projects on campus. It develops schedules, detailed budgets and monitors the development and construction of your project.

The Project Office team of zone project managers are the main contact between you and the construction crew working on your project. Your project manager will communicate with you throughout the project on a variety of matters including estimates, schedules and any changes. The project manager also works closely with the engineering group, zone managers, planners, schedulers and FMD trades to ensure that university standards are met on all construction projects.

The zone project process is developed to assist the project team in planning actions, organizing resources and initiating activities to achieve specific project goals within a given time frame. Click below to learn more about each step within the zone project process.


To start the project process please complete INITIATE A PROJECT. This form is submitted online and received by the Customer Service Centre. Projects may be initiated by a college or department, or an individual who has authority to access a source of funding. If the request is identified as a project, the request is directed to the Zone Project Manager.


Once the scope of work has been established by the PM, the request is then forwarded to the Estimating department, unless the client has requested that the project proceed without an estimate. An Estimator will conduct a site visit (as needed). After an estimate has been compiled, the Estimator meets with the PM to review scope and costs. The PM then meets with the client to ensure all components of their request have been captured and to obtain authorization to proceed.

Zone Project Manager

The Zone Project Manager assigned to the project serves as the primary point of contact with the client, maintaining communication throughout the project lifecycle, keeping the client informed, reviewing progress and new information as necessary. The Zone Project Manager engages with architectural/electrical/mechanical and controls designers and either FMD trades people or external contractors to develop the design and refine/confirm estimates.


The Zone Project Manager will schedule a start-up meeting with either FMD trades or an external contractor. This meeting will include a review of the work, expected construction schedule, inspection notifications, safety requirements and any other issues with the construction. The Zone Project Manager will also confirm the schedule with the client and keep the client notified of any changes to the schedule or to the estimate. The Zone Project Manager also ensures that all deficiencies are completed prior to the project close-out.

Project Impacts/Close Out

At the end of the project, the Zone Project Manager will review the estimate, ensure all invoices have been received and submitted to accounting for client invoicing. The Zone Project Manager is also responsible for ensuring all as built drawings are provided to update records.