Major Capital Projects

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Project Process

Project Planning Process

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The capital planning process is closely tied with the university’s integrated planning and budgeting processes, and supports the Strategic Directions. The life of a capital project moves between the Strategic Capital Planning and the Major Project Planning Process. The Strategic Capital Planning Process helps set priorities and creates the long-range development plan. The Major Project Planning Process serves as a systematic and transparent approach to review major projects on an individual basis and ensure major projects are properly managed from inception to construction. Together, these processes ensure the projects support and help meet the strategic goals of the University of Saskatchewan. (see the diagram on the right)

The following list provides the information on the current portfolio of capital projects at the University of Saskatchewan. These capital projects include projects in the earliest conception/planning stages through to projects under construction

  • Projects in construction
  • Future projects
  • Preliminary projects
  • Completed projects

Projects in construction

Future projects

Preliminary projects

Completed Projects