What is Sustainability – Pledge

"When faced with a challenge, look for a way, not a way out." - David Weatherford

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Actions that we take everyday contribute to the sustainability of our university, our community and our world. To encourage and support the commitment of UofS campus community members to sustainability, a program called the Sustainability Pledge has been designed.

What is the Pledge?

The Sustainability Pledge is a program at the UofS designed to:

  • give campus community members the opportunity to make a personal commitment to sustainability, and the tools to honour their commitment in all aspects of life
  • give campus community members the chance to make a strong collective statement about the importance of incorporating sustainability into the way we function - as individuals, as a university, and as a society
  • provide a personal reminder of the role each of us can play in creating both problems and solutions
  • make it easier for campus community members to learn about sustainability, get involved in sustainability initiatives while at UofS, and find opportunities to incorporate sustainability into their daily lives.

The UofS Sustainability Pledge evolved from the Graduation Pledge of Social and Environmental Responsibility designed by the Graduation Pledge Alliance. A number of Canadian universities including UBC, UVic, UofA, Dalhousie, and McMaster have all instituted similar Sustainability Pledges. For more information about the Graduation Pledge, including a full list of participating schools in North America, visit the Graduation Pledge Alliance. By signing the Sustainability Pledge you commit to:

  • endeavoring to understand the social and ecological consequences your actions
  • rethinking personal consumption and wasteful behaviors, and working to reduce both
  • engaging in activities that build a sustainable campus and community
  • encouraging family, friends, colleagues and c-workers to do the same

Why Pledge?

Be the solution. We can choose to become part of the solutions, just by making our simple, everyday decisions differently. Sustainability is about balancing social and ecological concerns with economic ones. The Pledge can help you bring this balance into your own life and replace a sense of powerlessness with action and hope.

Small changes are big. The Pledge is a reminder of the big changes that can come from small changes. The more people who sign the Pledge, the stronger the message we send!

Build community. Signing the Pledge is joining a community! Through networking events at the UofS, you'll meet other students, faculty, and staff who share your concerns for sustainability and are working to address them.

Stay informed. When you sign the Pledge, you'll receive newsletter updates with reminders about upcoming networking events, as well as links to new sustainability articles and resources.