"No institutions in modern society are better equipped to catalyze the necessary transition to a sustainable world than Universities." – David Orr

Green Tip

Fill up your freezer. A freezer full of food uses less energy than an empty one.

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Two Up and One Down – The U of S takes the challenge!

On International Polar Bear Day, the University of Saskatchewan is pledging to reduce building energy use. As an indication of our commitment to address climate change, the university has chosen this day to announce that we will be adjusting the cooling and heating temperatures in our buildings to reduce energy use and carbon emissions. More…

Take your own personal action to save energy today and every day. At work or at home, set your thermostat to 21°C or lower. If you can’t adjust a thermostat, save energy in other ways—turn out the lights in an empty room, unplug chargers or electronics not in use, replace an incandescent light bulb with a more energy-efficient one or activate the power management settings on your computer and printer. More on energy conservation at U of S


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