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Contained within each building are thousands of feet of ductwork, all of which would have been fabricated and installed by sheet metal workers. This FMD Sheet Metal shop installs all the ductwork for minor projects such as lab renovations or classroom additions.

Essentially, sheetmetal workers are fabricators who work with a multitude of materials -galvanized metal, stainless steel, carbon steel, PVC, and other plastics. Using presses, shears, pin and spot welders, and metal forming equipment they create a variety of items to meet the needs of researchers, students, or designers across campus. For example, they fabricate hundreds of sprouting trays for Crop Science, liners for indoor coolers, and even a "tin man" for the annual FMD "bring your student to work" day and job fair. They are confident they could bring to life any idea a researcher, student, or engineer could conceive of.