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Phone: 966-4496
Fax:     966-4080

Hours of operation:
Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m. –  4:30 p.m.

After hours, weekends & emergencies:
contact Protective Services 966-5555

Do you take your chilled drinks or your frozen lab samples for granted? The Refrigeration Shop doesn't. They stand on call year round  and perform regular preventive maintenance to ensure continuous operation of all refrigeration equipment on campus. The type of equipment they service ranges from multi-million dollar systems such as the Phytotron in Agriculture or data server rooms in Thorvaldson to ultra low freezers and ice machines. 

Changing regulations and advances in refrigeration technology mean the Refrigeration Shop workload is growing and the technicians need to diversify their understanding of refrigeration techniques. For example, while there was once only three types of refrigerant used on campus that number has increased from to approximately 15. Older refrigerants will be phased out within the next 8 years, which means equipment using these older refrigerants will also need to be replaced.  These changes have increased the maintenance work load.

The Refrigeration Shop is continually looking for opportunities to conserve water as well. Did you know that many older inefficient air conditioners use water to extract heat from a room? This water flows through the air conditioner, picks up the waste and it is then dumped directly to drain. When there is an opportunity to upgrade the unit the first approach will be to change out to an air-cooled device.