Plumbing Shop

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Phone: 966-4496
Fax:     966-4080

Hours of operation:
Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m. –  4:30 p.m.

After hours, weekends & emergencies:
contact Protective Services 966-5555

The Plumbing shop is staffed with licensed Red Seal Plumbing Journeymen, sprinkler system installers, and gas fitters.  These specialist maintain a vast network of building systems—120 kilometres of water, sanitary and storm sewer, irrigation, and gas pipelines—and their associated devices. An important component of their work is maintaining legislated requirements, such as certifications for sprinklers and backflow prevention equipment.

In addition to standard plumbing services, such as installing and servicing toilets and sinks, the Plumbing Shop is responsible for managing water runoff from rain or snow melt, maintaining manhole and catch-basin service, repairing lawn watering piping systems, testing water quality and piping integrity regaularly, and maintaining the pools in Education and Kinesiology. 


Typical Services Provided:

  • Troubleshoot drainage issues on both sanitary and storm sewer systems and perform all required repairs for example:
    • All things to do with toilets (or water closets as we call them)
    • Sanitary (sewage) drain lines within the building and the buried ones outside the building
    • Water runoff from rain or snow melt on campus, all the way to the river.
    • Manhole and catch basin service.
    • Repairing lawn watering piping systems
    • Troubleshoot  natural gas piping issues and install natural gas burning appliances from lab outlets to furnaces and boilers
    • Troubleshoot domestic water (hot or cold) issues. Additionally this shop will install domestic water (hot or cold) piping and  fixtures both within buildings and below ground or in the service tunnels.
    • Regulations call for testing of water quality and piping integrity as well as ensuring water does not backflow into other rooms, buildings or into the municipal infrastructure
    • Maintain the Education and Kinesiology pools