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The skilled tradespeople in FMD’s carpentry shop are equipped to handle nearly all construction, repair, and installation requirements. Their services include everything from millwork fabrication, to room renovations and general installations. Following is a list of carpentry services:

  • Millwork manufacture and installation
  • Class room, office and lab renovations
  • T-bar ceiling repair and installation
  • Door and door frame (steel and wood) installation and repair  
  • Window frame (steel and wood) installation
  • Stud framing (steel and wood)
  • Insulation and drywalling installation
  • Bathroom partitions and paper towel dispensers installation and repair
  • Shelving manufacture and installation
  • Chair repair
  • Keyborard trays installation and repair
  • Upholstery repair
  • Tack boards, white boards,and chalk boards supply and installation
  • Locker installation and repair
  • Overhead door repair.
  • Hardwood floor installation and repair
  • Projector screens, multi media monitor and smart board installation
  • Soundproofing insullation and acoustical panel installation
  • Door hardware installation and repair
  • Decks, stairs, and handrail manufacturing and repair 
  • Signage supply and installation 
  • Wood subfloors installation