Snow Removal Priorities and Procedures

Snow Removal of pedestrian walkways is carried out by the grounds department snow removal crews.  They follow a priority based response system where areas identified as priority (listed below) are targeted for completion prior to initiating snow removal in other areas of campus.

Priority Snow Removal Areas

Sloped Sidewalk areas, pedestrian ramps (including wheel chair ramps), stairs, curb cuts and parking stalls used by the disabled, main building entrances (including wheel chair accessible entrances).

Grounds staff monitors campus sidewalks, roadways and parking lots for icy conditions throughout the day and apply sand as required to improve traction on walkway and road surfaces. If you notice icy slippery conditions please report to Facilities Support Services at 306-966-4496.

Campus roadway and parking lot snow removal is coordinated by the grounds department. University appointed contractors are assigned to carry out snow removal of roads and parking lots throughout particular areas on campus.  The work is typically carried out once the snow has stopped during overnight hours so that the removal process can be completed with as little pedestrian and vehicular interference as possible. In the event of heavy continuous snow fall over a 1-2 day period, contractors will be brought in during the during the snow event to maintain vehicular access to and from the university roadways and parking lots.

Please note that depending on the amount and duration of snowfall it may take hours or days to clear the snow from the entire campus. Under these circumstances we appreciate your patience and co-operation.