Contact Facilities Support Services

with your service requests and inquiries

work control

Phone: 966-4496
Fax:     966-4080

Hours of operation:
Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m. –  4:30 p.m.

After hours, weekends & emergencies:
contact Protective Services 966-5555

Shutdown Request Process

When work requires temporary closures, shutdowns or other disruption of service in a building or on campus a Shutdown Notification Form must be compelted.

This form is used by Facilities affiliated personnel to provide the required information to notify building contacts of shutdowns, temporary closures or other disruptions of service in a building or on campus. To learn more about the process, view a flowchart of the shutdown coordination required, or fill out a Shutdown Notification Form, please see our Forms page.

Customer Request Process

Submitting a Facilities Customer Request is the preferred way to request non-urgent Facilities work. Completed forms go directly to Facilities Support Services, who review them and pass them on to the appropriate service area. If your request is an emergency or of an urgent nature you can also call Facilities Support Services at (306) 966-4496 or email us at   

Underground Locates

NO EXCAVATION/SURFACE PENETRATION to ANY depth IS PERMITTED on campus, including tent set-up, until the Underground Locate Request has been processed and a “cleared to work” notification. It is the responsibility of the party intending to excavate, trench, bore or otherwise penetrate the grade with any product including, but not limited to a temporary or permanent fence post, tent support, peg or other penetrating object to receive approval to proceed from the University, all Sask 1st Call subscribers and other companies who may have underground facilities in the designated work area.

PROCEDURE: An Underground Locate Request must be processed and approval provided before any dig, excavation or otherwise disturbing the ground and penetrating the surface to ANY depth on the University campus. Questions can be directed to the Customer Service Center at 966-4496 or

TO OBTAIN APPROVAL: Complete Underground Locate Request form and forward to Approval to proceed is limited to disturbance only of the areas/locations specifically stated and/or shown on the accompanying site services drawings. The on-site excavation equipment operator must be trained and certified to perform their duties safely.

Further information and instructions regarding the overall process for underground locates can be found on our Forms  page.