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work control

Phone: 966-4496
Text: 966-4496
Facsimile: 966-8854

Hours of operation:
Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. –  12:00 p.m.
                        12:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

After hours, weekends & emergencies:
contact Protective Services 966-5555

Please use the forms below when contacting FMD for your service requests.

Card/Fob Request

All card/fob requests must be ordered by your department key custodian.

Declaration and Disposal of Surplus Assets Form

Required when University of Saskatchewan assets are no longer needed and are to be disposed of in accordance with U of S policy no. 4.10.03, university surplus assets must be disposed of in a fair, accountable, sustainable, and efficient manner.


  • The department information section must be complete with descriptions, serial number, equipment inventory number and appropriate authorization.
  • A new form must be completed on-line for submission – Do not reuse forms.
  • All computer equipment must be accompanied with a completed Surplus Equipment Media Assurance Disposal Form.
  • Submit completed form by fax (966-8854) or mail to Surplus Assets Disposal, University Services Building, 110 Maintenance Road, University of Saskatchewan.

Please use the declaration number on the top left hand corner of this form, when making inquires. Inquires should be directed to Manager, Logistics Management @ 966-1691 or email

Facilities Management Division (FMD) Furniture Requisition Form

Required for all furniture purchases. Form must be printed, signed ( by authorized personnel), and mailed to FMD Procurement, 110 Maintenance Road, University Services Building. Inquires should be directed to FMD Procurement @ 966-4616 or 966-4636.

Key Request (Campus)

All key requests must be ordered by your department key custodian. Duplication of keys is prohibited.

Key Request (Contractor)

All key requests for contractors must be hand delivered to the Work Control Centre or FMD Project Manager and include the required deposit. Duplication of keys is prohibited.

Space/Room Booking

All requests for space, regardless if the event is to be held inside or outside, should be directed to the Room Scheduling Office (RSO) unless the event is an athletic event. Events that are athletic in nature should be directed to

This is a request and does not guarantee the space booking.

A Confirmation will be sent to you by the Room Scheduling Office once space has been reserved. Please allow two business days for processing; recognizing that in peak periods the turn-around time may be longer. If your event is cancelled please notify us immediately @

Shutdown Request Form

This form is used to notify building contacts of shutdowns, temporary closures or other disruptions of service in a building or on campus. Form should be received by the Work Control Centre at least 5 working days in advance, request for complete or extended building shutdowns should have at least 14 calendar days of notice. Completed Shutdown Request Form will be emailed Inquiries can be directed to Work Control Centre @ 966-4496.

Single Source Justification Form

This form must be completed, in accordance with U of S Policy No. 4.22.02, for all equipment, material, supplies, and/ or service requested from a specific supplier, over $5000, without the benefit of written quotations or a competitive bid process. Single source justification form (along with the purchase requisition form) must be completed, signed, and mailed to Logistic Management Attention FMD Procurement, 110 Maintenance Road for your request to be processed. Inquires should be directed to FMD Procurement @ 966-4616 or 966-4636.

Surplus Equipment Media Assurance Disposal Form

In compliance with Health Information Privacy Act (HIPA) and the Personal Information Protection & Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), this University department certifies that this computer has had all data and software purged. University assets include, but are not limited to, all equipment (scientific, office, audiovisual, maintenance, communication or administrative), furniture, computers, vehicles and farm equipment. Please print form and (fax) to 966-4080, attention Logistics Management. Inquiries should be directed to John Nobel by email or phone 966- 1691 or Shauna Kachur by email or phone 966-1972.

Underground Locate Form

This form is required when anyone might excavate or penetrate the surface to any depth on the University of Saskatchewan campus. Utility lines on campus are lurking as little as 20 cm ( 8 inches) below the surface. For your own safety, and for the protection of buried utilities, don’t dig, trench, bore, or even insert a pole, peg or post without checking. This form must be faxed to 966-8854 or emailed to Questions should be directed to FMD, Safety & Work Environment Office @ 966-4277 or the Work Control Centre @ 966-4496.


A WIRF (Work Initiation Request Form) is a simple way to request a service from Facilities Management Division. Completed forms go directly to the Work Control Centre, who review them and pass them on to the appropriate service area. To purchase furniture please complete FMD Purchase Requisition Form. Inquiries should be directed by email to or phone 966-4496.

Hazardous Waste Management

The Hazardous Waste Disposal Form is used to record the hazardous waste to be removed from the laboratory by the Waste Management Facility personnel. Each form is uniquely numbered for tracking purposes, therefore use only one form per shipment.

Complete all fields on the form. Forms can either be mailed through campus mail to WSEP, Research Annex, 105 Maintenance Road or faxed to 966-6146.


Please see the schedules below to support maintenance performed by FMD.

Emergency Generator Test Schedule

As a part of the regulatory maintenance performed at the University of Saskatchewan, emergency generators are tested and run quarterly. These test runs will cause a disruption to emergency powered equipment only. This includes receptacles marked with an ‘EM’ or those which are RED in colour.  Additionally, some equipment is wired directly to Emergency Panels.

In most cases a disruption lasting up to 15 seconds will occur at 9am and another disruption, again up to 15 seconds, will occur at 11am.

As a precaution, it is advised that equipment on emergency power be shut down or backed up prior to the two power disruptions for each test. Reminder communication to perform this task will be sent out in advance of the test.

For information about the test schedule in your area click on the pdf link below.  

Please direct all questions or concerns to

Customer Service Center
Phone:  306-966-4496

Indoor Temperature Schedule

As part of our commitment to reduce building energy use at the University of Saskatchewan an indoor temperature guideline that adheres to industry standards for thermal comfort has been developed.  This guideline indicates that thermostat adjustments will occur twice a year to coincide with the central heating plant switching buildings from heating to cooling.  Indoor temperature will be changed in the spring and summer to a target of 24 degrees C and lowered to a target of 21 degrees C in the fall and winter.  

FMD's Building Service Technicians will calibrate thermostats to ensure temperature is being accurately read before any temperature adjustments will occur.  Temperatures will not be adjusted in areas where controlled temperatures are required for research, animal care, technology and other special operational needs.  

A schedule indicating when temperature will be adjusted in your building and a copy of the University of Saskatchewan's Indoor Temperature Guideline are available below.

Please direct all questions or concerns to your Building Zone Manager or contact:

Customer Service Center
Phone:  306-966-4496