Ryan/Dubé Equine Performance Centre

Construction on the addition to the Equine Performance Centre began in March 2011.  When complete this enhanced facility will allow veterinary students the opportunity to study the overall physical performance characteristics of horses, with a particular focus on orthopedic condition and ailments.  The Equine Performance facility, equipped with a full treadmill, supports both diagnostic and rehabilitative activities for horses under controlled conditions. 

The Equine Performance Centre is located north of the large animal clinic and is adjacent to the area dedicated to client animal unloading. The existing building is a rectangular pre-engineered structure with pre-finished metal siding. The expansion, situated north and east of the current facility, is being constructed around the existing pre-engineered structure. The exterior of the expanded building is clad in masonry and pre-finished metal that better match the aesthetics of the main building.

The project will add nearly 1,000 square metres to the centre, as well as vital resources to the Western College of Veterinary Medicine’s equine education, clinical, and research programs. The expanded Equine Performance Centre will provide a dedicated indoor facility for a lunging arena, diagnosis and teaching of equine lameness, clinical examination of primarily equine cases and an equine MRI. Equine MRI provides unmatched diagnostic and physiologic imaging of soft tissues and musculoskeletal diagnostic imaging from which veterinary students, graduate students and faculty in field services, medicine and surgery can all benefit.  Such a facility has been identified as a high priority for further development of modern equine clinical services and the clinical teaching program.

The new Equine Performance facility will also address significant animal and safety concerns and provide a fully functional, all-weather equine physical performance facility.

The Equine Performance Centre will be completed in the spring of 2012.