Replacement of Chillers #2 and #3 (RenewUS Phase 1)

It will be necessary to replace existing Chillers #2 and #3 (representing 46% of the plant capacity) prior to January 1, 2015 as dictated by federal regulations.

In August 2003, the federal Halocarbon Regulations 2003 came into force to govern the use of CFC refrigerants and other halocarbons in federally owned facilities.  These regulations were adopted by the Government of Saskatchewan for general application in this province in 2005. These regulations prohibit the re-charging of any halocarbon refrigeration machine once it has been evacuated for repair or servicing, or lost its charge due to leakage.  Existing Chillers #2 and #3 (representing 46% of the Plant capacity) in the Central Cooling Plant are charged with the halocarbon refrigerant R11.  These machines have been in service 23 years.  Their service life is generally accepted as 25 years and they require increased maintenance as they age. 

In 2012, when these machines are 25 years old,  it is recommended that the machines be replaced with new units charged with environmentally friendly refrigerant.  In any case, it will be necessary to permanently remove Chillers #2 and #3 from service prior to January 1, 2015, as dictated by federal regulations. Chiller #2, a 1500 ton unit, will have to be replaced with a 1500 ton machine unless a new east cooling tower is installed.   It should be noted that a new cooling tower and capacity upgrade to a 2,000 ton unit for Chiller #2 is the optimum solution to support existing growth.  Chiller #3, a 1500 ton unit, should be replaced with a 2000 ton machine.  It will be necessary to increase the capacity of the existing west tower by retrofitting it with PVC fill to accommodate the higher capacity chiller.