Replacement of Boiler #2 (RenewUS Phase 1)

Replacement of 1954 Boiler #2 with a 100,000-pounds-per-hour package boiler will provide the required increase in Central Heating Plant capacity.

The present peak steam demand from all connected buildings on a winter design day (-40º C) is estimated to be 280,000 pounds per hour (PPH).  The present firm plant capacity (largest boiler off line) is 410,000 – 100, 000 = 310,000 PPH.  Firm Plant capacity is the capacity of the plant should the largest boiler be out of service.  Existing capacity above firm plant is 310,000 – 280,000 = 30,000 PPH.  Over the next few years, construction of several buildings and additions will narrow the firm plant capacity margin.  New facilities heated from the Central Heating Plant will include CLS Phase 3, WCVM Additions, VIDO InterVac, Health Sciences and the Gordon Oakes Redbear Student Centre.  There will also be new loads imposed by non-university agencies serviced by the Central Plant (e.g. Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan).  A total load increase of 50,000 PPH is expected.  The Plant firm plant capacity would then be exceeded by 20,000 PPH and additional capacity should be installed prior to this point. 

Replacement of 1954 Boiler #2 with a 100,000 PPH package boiler (as was done in the case of Boiler #1) would result in a net increase of 70,000 PPH in Plant capacity, for a total of 480,000 PPH.  This replacement should be planned in 2012, coincident with the proposed Health Sciences full project coming on line and the potential development of the Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan at the Royal University Hospital site.  There is also a capital renewal component of the project and a resulting positive impact on deferred maintenance liability.

Replacement of Boiler #2 with a new 100,000 PPH packaged unit will be relatively simple, requiring only Boiler #1 to also be taken out of service during part of the construction period. 

Replacement of existing boilers beyond Boiler #2, if and when required, will be more difficult.  Because of interference with the existing high pressure steam header running along the north wall, it will likely be necessary to remove Boilers #3 and #4 at the same time.  This would allow the replacement #4 to be brought into the plant through the window bay immediately north of #3, and then jockeyed west into place.  The replacement #3 could then be installed, at the same time, or at a later date.  Following this sequence, it will be possible to increase Plant capacity to 600,000 PPH without the need for a building addition.