Replace Burner in Boiler # 6 Central Heating Plant

Boiler #6 is one of the University’s primary heating boilers, representing 100,000 pounds per hour (PPH) steam capacity out of a total of 410,000 PPH. The boiler and burner are now 35 years old. While there is considerable expected life remaining in the Boiler itself, the burner has passed its useful lifespan. Within the next two to three years the peak Campus demand for steam is expected to be 330,000 PPH. The outage of Boiler #6 would result in a shortage in capacity of 20,000 PPH (410,000 - 330,000 - 100,000 = - 20,000 PPH) which would jeopardize heating of the Campus during peak load periods.

Replacement of the burner in Boiler #6 will be relatively simple, requiring only that this Boiler be taken out of service for one non-heating season.