RenewUS A Proposal to Renew Our Core Campus

The age of our buildings has come to a critical juncture. The continued deterioration of our buildings, coupled with growth in our deferred maintenance needs, now present a liability that must be addressed to preserve our facilities for future generations. While every attempt has been made to take advantage of building renewal opportunities within the scope of our recent capital projects, we are still behind in terms of addressing our most critical deferred maintenance priorities.

RenewUS is our strategy to address capital renewal ("keep up") and deferred maintenance ("catch up"). The program will identify and prioritize our most critical deferred maintenance liabilities, but more importantly blend these needs with academic program renewal and the revitalization of the buildings and programs within the core of our campus. Projects will be prioritized through a blending of capital stewardship, academic priorities, and financial and planning opportunities.

The intent is to create a program with specific outcomes, investigate multiple funding sources, and segment our deferred maintenance needs to match specific funding strategies and opportunities. The sustaining capital grant and core campus revitalization will also be rolled into the new program.

The program, if approved, will cost approximately $265million (or more) over five years. Approximately $100 million will be put toward deferred maintenance and renewal, $70 million toward ongoing capital renewal, $70 million toward infrastructure, and $25 million toward critical information and communication technology requirements (ICT).

RenewUS will address issues of deferred maintenance as part of our responsibility in stewarding government assets. It will ensure our students, faculty, staff, and programs are housed in a safe, comfortable, and functional study and work environment.

Phase1 of RenewUS will involve three critical infrastructure projects.  Those projects include the replacement of Boiler #2 in the Central Heating Plant, the replacement of Chillers #2 and #3 in the Central Heating Plant and replacement of the T1 and T2 transformers at the Preston Substation.  (Descriptions of these projects can be found under their own name.)