Facility for Applied Avian Research

The Facility for Applied Avian Research (FAAR) facility will consist of a 1-storey pre-engineered structure situated north of the Bovine Facility on the grounds of the Western College of Veterinary Medicine.  The Facility combines approximately 254 sq.m. of indoor space and 93 sq.m. of outdoor multi-species bird holding pens with potential for future development of additional outdoor penning.  Indoor spaces consist of one small, two medium and three large aviary holding rooms, a prep lab with an observation window to an outdoor behavioural testing area, a clean-up area complete with washer/dryer and dishwasher, a storage room, a unisex washroom, space for an environmental chamber, as well as mechanical and electrical rooms. 

Construction will commence in summer 2015. 

The facility will be one of only two facilities in Canada capable of advanced research on birds, as well as the only facility of its kind dedicated to studies of avian wildlife ecotoxicology and medicine.