Marquis Hall Renewal

Major renovations to Marquis Hall were designed to create a central gathering place on campus that would host retail services, residence dining, special events areas with ample seating, and a marché-style fresh food court area.  The Marquis Hall Renewal was a multiple phase project that was done in stages in order to ensure continued service to the students, faculty and staff.

Phase 1 on the project was undertaken in 2009 and involved the renovation of the Main Bookstore in Lower Marquis Hall to incorporate Centre Shop and create a modern retail atmosphere in an academic environment for the sale of clothing, texts, and reference books.  There were also plans to incorporate a coffee outlet into the main entrance of Marquis Hall.

The renovation also addressed accessibility issues related to the retail space.  Store rooms and storage facilities were renovated to ensure maximum safety and efficiency for staff.

Phase 1 also included renovation to the Arts Food Services Outlet  (Arts Building).  Renovations to the Arts Food Services Outlet were done to incorporate food court type retail outlets with expanded seating capacity.  The A&W outlet has been relocated to the Arts Food Services Outlet.

Phase 2 of the Marquis Hall Renewal (Stages 1-4) addressed the recognized need to upgrade and modernize the current Food Services operations to meet the requirements and demands of the university community. Additional seating and serving space was provided, equipment was upgraded and relocated, and Marquis Hall was transformed into a comfortable and welcoming environment.

The first stage, completed over the summer of 2010, involved the partial removal of the ramp between the main and second floors and replacing it with a new elevator adjacent to the main foyer to provide full access to all three levels. Various other design changes in the kitchen and serving areas increased storage, improved functionality, addressed inefficiencies, and permanently resolved some health and safety concerns.

Stages two through four, involving the kitchen, servery, and dining hall upgrades, began as soon as the students left for the summer last year. During the demolition of the existing servery and kitchen area, several unplanned issues emerged that slowed construction. Fortunately, the kitchen was ready at the end of the summer as scheduled, but the servery was temporarily moved to the Gary Dining Room. Marquis Hall reopened on December 8, 2011. Students and staff at the University of Saskatchewan can now enjoy some of the finest food and ambiance that you can find anywhere in Saskatoon.

Marquis Hall is an important centre on campus and this investment will improve the student experience, serve the university’s need for enhanced special event meeting facilities, and contribute to the ongoing future viability of food service operations.