Heating Plant Expansion Feed Water Addition

Utilities are the lifeblood of our campus infrastructure. As the campus continues to grow, we also need to upgrade required support systems. For example, our Central Heating Plant has not undergone a major core upgrade for over 43 years. The boiler feed water treatment system could no longer support the production of enough steam to meet campus needs. Several components needed to be expanded, upgraded, or completely replaced to meet the university’s growing demand for steam heating and process steam for research and operations.

Before the Heating Plant renovation/addition, the existing boiler feed water treatment equipment in the Heating Plant was limited to an output of 300,000 pounds per hour (PPH) of steam. During extremely cold temperatures, the plant has experienced steam loads in excess of 280,000 PPH. In order to accommodate planned campus expansion, as well as to provide appropriate capacity redundancy for longer-term unforeseen requirements, the Heating Plant feed water capacity has been increased to 600,000 PPH.

This addition will ultimately provide capacity for the addition of approximately 150,000 square metres of building space on campus. In future, boiler capacity will also need to be expanded to meet increased demand, but with increased feed water capacity in place, a future boiler expansion will be possible without further increasing the size of the feed water system.

The scope of the project included the installation of new deaeration equipment capable of supporting production of 600,000 PPH steam.  Also included was a new distinct make-up water supply train with the potential to double the throughput of the present system. Larger ion exchange vessels, filters, piping, regeneration equipment and auxiliaries were required to achieve the necessary increase in capacity.   New additional pumping capacity is also essential for make-up, condensate and feed water systems to augment each system’s flows. Standby and storage requirements will be addressed by the installation of supplementary make-up water and condensate return tanks.

To accommodate the expansion, a 500-square-metre addition to the Heating Plant Building was required. This included a full basement extension, as well as expansion on the main floor and mezzanine levels within the existing building. This additional space also allowed for renovations to meet current building, environmental, labour, and pressure vessel codes and regulations. In addition to the equipment upgrades, new male and female washrooms, with showers, change rooms, and locker areas, were constructed to meet current code regulations, and several new offices were added.

With the completion of this project, occupants of the U of S buildings can rest assured that there will now be enough steam to supply the existing buildings, as well as all the newly constructed buildings, with heat for the foreseeable future.