Health Sciences - E Wing, Physical Therapy Fit-up

The School of Physical Therapy is currently located in modified spaces within St. Andrew’s College.  Early on in the planning of the Health Sciences project, it was recognized that newly constructed space would be required for the program in close proximity to the rest of the Health Sciences programs in order to support program delivery and enhance interprofessional educational opportunities.   When E wing was constructed from 2009 to 2012, shelled space above the library on the third floor was included to address possible future needs including the potential consolidation of Physical Therapy within the Health Sciences. 

The design for Physical Therapy consists of several specific spaces designed to meet program needs:

  • Musculoskeletal lab - The design of this lab will allow a musculoskeletal course to flow between lecture and lab.
  • A Functional Activities lab - This lab contains high low electric treatment tables which enables teaching of foundational and neurological treatment techniques.  Teaching in this lab includes techniques for treatment of client populations with spinal cord injuries, strokes, head injuries and mobility challenges.  Adequate space around the perimeter of each table is necessary to allow wheelchair access and training.
  • An exercise and cardiopulmonary laboratory which contains open floor space and unique equipment for exercise and rehabilitation therapy.
  • Support spaces such as storage for equipment and locker rooms for students.
  • Office spaces for the faculty and support staff.