Griffiths Stadium at PotashCorp Park Graham Huskie Clubhouse Expansion

A recent expansion to the already state-of-the-art Graham Huskie Clubhouse will solidify its reputation as one of the top athletic facilities in the country.

The clubhouse was constructed in2005–06 in preparation for the 2006 Vanier Cup. The two-story expansion to the east side of the existing clubhouse began in August 2010 and was completed in August 2011. It features enhanced training areas for the Huskie football and other athletic programs, office space for coaching staff, and meeting/presentation space for other sports-related events.

On the ground floor, the training centre (458 gross square metres) has been outfitted with about half a dozen lifting stations including an Olympic lifting platform, a lifting power cage, and dumbbell stations, as well a number of cardio areas. There is also a narrow field-turf area, about 25metres long, which allows for speed training and agility work. While players are working out using their brand new equipment, they enjoy an incredible view of Griffiths Stadium through the large windows.

Office space for coaching staff, support areas, and meeting/presentation areas (395 gross square metres) occupy the second floor.The retractable sidewalls in the four second-floor meeting areas allow them to be combined into one large meeting area, thus accommodating both small group meetings and coaching needs as well as large meetings, receptions, and special events.

The roof deck (272 gross square meters), with a spectacular view of the stadium and track, provides additional space for gatherings. It also features a camera enclosure for game filming.

As you enter this new facility, you can't help but feel inspired. The hallways and meeting area walls feature murals that bring to life the accomplishments of past players—Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) award winners and all-Canadian players who have gone on to the Canadian Football League (CFL).

It is intended that public space in the facility be available for rental to external groups as a means of generating revenue to support operating costs.Use by external groups will be subject to policies and guidelines established by a Fund Committee which will provide financial oversight of the facility.