Equipment Storage Quonset and Germplasm Storage Expansion – College of Agriculture and Bioresources

This project includes two components; the replacement of the equipment storage Quonset and the expansion of the Germplasm storage building. 

Equipment Storage Quonset - The Department of Plant Sciences/Crop Development Centre has an inventory of field research equipment valued at approximately $12 million dollars.  To maximize the longevity and integrity of this equipment it is vital that this equipment be stored in a secure building that will protect it from the elements.  The original storage dome (built in 1968) is structurally unsound and not fiscally practical to repair.  Additionally, the equipment inventory to be stored in the Quonset has expanded substantially in the last several years.  This portion of the project will include the demolition of the existing storage dome, followed by the construction of a pre-engineered steel Quonset at the same site.  The required size to replace the existing facility is an 18 metre x 36 metre building.  The mechanical requirements are minimal and limited to lighting and electrical.  No heating or water is required in the facility.  Lighting will be required at the exterior entrances and in the interior. At each end of the building will be one large overhead door (5.4 metre wide by 4.8 metre high) and one person door. The building will sit on a concrete slab and foundation.

Germplasm Storage Building Expansion - This building was constructed in 1998 to house the seed generated by the plant breeding programs housed at the Crop Science Field Laboratory.  Since the construction of the building, all of the plant breeding programs have expanded substantially resulting in research programs having to make arrangements to accommodate germplasm storage at alternate sites.   It is proposed that a 9 metre addition be constructed along the north side of the building.  This addition, like the original building, is a pre-engineered Quonset that is insulated and constructed to be rodent resistant.  The addition will be unheated.