Distributed Health Sciences Education - College of Nursing – Regina Site

In 2008-09 the provincial government instituted two new university-level Nursing programs to replace the former NEPS (Nursing Education Program of Saskatchewan). Since that time the University of Saskatchewan’s College of Nursing’s planning has focused on distributive education as a key element of its new program, in conjunction with the Province’s objectives for the new program.   

Distributive education is a central strategy for many of the health sciences because of the importance of closeness to clinical practice. For Nursing, the model of distributive education includes full-time location of faculty and full-program basing of students (all years) out of three existing NEPS sites (Saskatoon, Regina, and Prince Albert) with additional sites under investigation and development (beginning with La Ronge). The development of the distributive program is a major feature of the college’s integrated plan and supports university-level priorities related to innovation in programs, alternative delivery methods, and learner-centred programming as articulated in the draft Third Integrated Plan.

The Regina site addresses a critical need to prepare for the 115 students entering the new Nursing program in September 2012. Whereas in Saskatoon and Prince Albert the existing facilities appear adequate to accommodate the new students, in Regina new facilities will be needed. The Orr Centre, located at 4400 4th Avenue in the City of Regina (corner of 4th Avenue and Lewvan Drive), addresses the site requirements. The Orr Centre was selected as the site for the College of Nursing program for the following reasons:

  • A contiguous, self-contained block of space (approximately 2,800 square metres) available for lease.
  • The space aligns and closely matches the space programme for the College of Nursing.
  • Renovations allow for the development of the required undergraduate teaching laboratories and resource learning commons and graduate student area.
  • Modest renovations required ensuring offices, meeting rooms and classrooms of proper size are fit up for distributed learning.
  • The majority of space did not require extensive upgrading but required IT and multi-media upgrades, renewal/refreshing of paint, flooring, lighting and ceilings as well as upgrading for the fit-up of the laboratory area and resource commons area.
  • The space contains a 200 seat lecture theatre which is critical for the College of Nursing program.
  • The space currently has an internal computer network that reduced the costs associated with upgrading it to a University computer network.
  • Most of the space is accessible, with only the learning commons, laboratory and graduate student area currently not being accessible.  A new lift will be installed for accessibility to the basement and mezzanine.
  • The College of Nursing will be able to establish an identity and brand for its program at the site.
  • Amenities and services at the site include a Dining hall/restaurant, 1,000 seat auditorium, Gymnasium and ample parking.