College Quarter GreenWay

The College Quarter Master Plan identifies the GreenWay as the “linear nerve centre” of College Quarter that will tie together not only the five new residence buildings, but also the inner courtyards, green spaces, and Aird Street.

The Greenway is the key organizing space of the College Quarter and as such performs multiple key roles. The GreenWay creates a circulation spine for pedestrians, cyclists and service vehicles and will become the main pedestrian route that students use to travel to the core campus. The GreenWay will become a strong physical element to link the residence buildings together and create a meeting place that enhances the student experience. 

The Greenway will be tree-lined and include attractive seating and access to commercial space in the Graduate Student Residence. The GreenWay will help meet the expectations of the wider neighbourhood and the City of Saskatoon that College Quarter be a neighbourhood that is attractive and open to the whole community. The GreenWay will link the landscaped courtyard (over three acres) of the undergraduate student residence buildings with the graduate student residence building courtyard which extends to Cumberland Avenue and the R.J. Williams Building creating a more harmonized development  through to the athletic fields on the north and east sides of the new development.

The GreenWay will also serve as emergency and service vehicle access to the Phase 2 undergraduate student residence buildings. This access is required in order to allow occupancy in Phase 2 by August 2012. The GreenWay project will also complete the landscaping along the Aird Street extension.