College of Arts & Science – Controlled Environment Plant Growth Chambers

The Department of Biology, College of Arts and Science was awarded a Canada Foundation for Innovation Leaders Opportunity Fund grant to undertake research on the stressful environment of plant growth and development. The research requires the purchase of controlled environment plant growth chambers and subsequent renovations to accommodate and install the chambers.

Space was identified with the Biology building to accommodate the chambers. The identified space was renovated and refurbished to accommodate the plant growth chambers purchased. The plant growth chambers provide the precise control of light, temperature, carbon dioxide concentration and humidity regimes necessary for this research. The renovations also permit the development of a customized plant growth workspace.

 The Biology growth chambers are required to allow this research to be conducted in a self-contained research environment that prevents cross-contamination and the transfer of spores. Existing facilities, such as the Phytotron facility in the Agriculture Building, provide excellent capacity for plant propagation but are unsuitable for the proposed research due to the risk of pathogen infection spreading within the facility.