Canadian Feed Research Centre

The Canadian Feed Research Centre (CFRC), formerly the Feed Technology Research Facility, will be a state-of-the-art facility to support animal nutrition and feed processing research.

This centre will be used by researchers and graduate students from many disciplines to research, develop, and commercialize new and better high-value animal feeds from low-value crops and from by-products of biofuel production. Their work will advance research in areas that include crop breeding for feed quality traits, the effects of processing on feed safety and quality, reduced antibiotic use, better livestock nutrition, improved animal health and product safety, feed delivery of vaccines for disease control, environmental protection, and to assist in regulatory compliance for new products and feed ingredients.

CFRC will be located in a commercial feed mill in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, that was purchased by the university and is being retrofitted to support research. Renovations and modifications are underway to accommodate a pilot-scale line, which will integrate with the existing industrial-scale line, and spaces to support research and teaching using a wide range of processing conditions. The facility enables the evolution of research conducted at the lab bench to be further explored within the pilot plant and potentially then be transferred to large scale application – all within the same facility. 

The presence of both the pilot and industrial scale feed processing lines allows CFRC to support a broad range of research and training: specific-use feed preparation and nutrition research; evaluation of benefits (nutritional, functional, economical, and sustainability) of different equipment, processing techniques and conditions, and feed ingredients; toll-processing, contract research, and facility rental to industry clients for proprietary research; and scaling up of research findings from the pilot scale line to the industrial scale line for transfer of technology to industry.

When complete in winter 2012, this unique-in-Canada national research facility will serve a broad range of industries and involve regional, national, and international partnerships. For example, part of CFRC’s industrial capability has been licensed to Cargill, a global leader in animal nutrition and feeds, for commercial feed processing and toll feed-processing services. Not only will this partnership generate revenue to support research, a company like Cargill, with recognized expertise, market presence, and understanding of global markets, will attract global clients to the facility and to Saskatchewan.

Research conducted at CFRC will enhance and support other research centres as part of the University of Saskatchewan feeds research cluster that includes facilities like the Crop Development Centre, the Prairie Swine Centre, the new Rayner Dairy Research and Teaching Facility, and the Canadian Light Source synchrotron.