Biology 106 Lecture Theatre Renovation

Biology 106 lecture theatre, located on the main floor of the Biology building (constructed in 1958), is core to the scheduling of large section sizes in the Sciences (Biology and Math, in particular) as well as classes from several other colleges.

Due to its age, the lecture theatre requires significant renewal and rejuvenation to meet technological and pedagogical changes that are inducing the university to change and enhance the physical space in which teaching occurs.  Included in this renewal is the presence of upgraded multimedia and computer technology to meet current teaching requirements.

In the design of the renovation, consideration will be given to the potential for the space to accommodate non-traditional teaching methods, such as the ‘flipped classroom’ learning model.  (For information:  The ‘flipped classroom’ is defined as a form of blended learning in which students learn content online by watching video lectures, usually at home, and homework is done in class with teachers and students discussing and solving questions. Teacher interaction with students is more personalized - guidance instead of lecturing.)

Educational Program Upgrades:   Replacement of existing seating with more functional theatre seats with a larger writing surface to accommodate mobile devices.  An upgrade to the existing multimedia and computer technology in the room to provide the functionality expected of a modern lecture theatre.  Planned technology improvements include:  renewed instructor’s multimedia teaching console/podium; installation of High Definition (HD) laser digital data projector and switching; lecture capture unit and HD cameras and a HD videoconferencing system; and acoustic assessment and the installation of an audio system.

Planned functional enhancements/room upgrades include:  installation of a limited amount of electrical outlets for mobile devices; improvements to lighting to allow better control during multimedia presentations; and replacement of existing chalkboards and upgrades to room finishes.

Additional Student Supports Required:  Improved accessibility with installation of wheelchair accessible stations at the rear of the room and wheelchair accessible seating at the front of the room; installation of an assistive listening/infrared hearing system; removal of the raised teaching platform which currently restricts accessibility; and installation of a lift or a ramp at the front of the room to allow accessibility.