University of Saskatchewan Campus Master Plan

The University of Saskatchewan has initiated a process to develop a new Campus Master Plan that will guide how the university will grow and develop over the coming years. This is an exciting moment in the university's history; it is an opportunity to take stock of priorities, objectives, and aspirations, and develop a sustainable vision for the future of the campus.

We Need to Hear From You!

As part of the new Campus Master Plan, we want to hear from the U of S community about their ideas for the future of the campus - any opportunities they see, constraints the campus faces - and any aspirational and visionary thinking to contribute to the continued growth of the campus as a place for community and an exceptional learning environment.

During the coming months, we will be hosting events around the campus, engaging with the campus community. This is your opportunity to be a part of the conversation and share what is important to you for the future of the campus.

For those who can't make it to an event in person, opportunities will be made to engage with the Campus Planning team either online, through social media, or by reaching out to us directly. Watch for more information over the coming months and get engaged!