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Engineering Building 1929 Heritage Register
Heritage Register Thorvaldson

In 2013, a Heritage Register for the University of Saskatchewan was created to provide sound, practical guidance to achieve good conservation practice with respect to heritage assets at the university.  The Heritage Register exists in order to support heritage conservation and protect the physical assets of the university.  The register provides the University of Saskatchewan with consistent evidence of the historic and architectural significance of the buildings and sites listed on our buildings pages. 

The Heritage Register specifically outlined the criteria for heritage designation, heritage designations achieved by University of Saskatchewan buildings, a register of heritage assets including maps and summaries, plus more.

Heritage Register - Full Document

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Purpose
    2. Structure
    3. Key Terms
  2. Criteria for Heritage Designation
    1. Heritage Value
    2. Character-Defining Elements
    3. Commemorative Integrity
    4. Associated Objects
    5. Guide for Criteria
  3. Heritage Designations - "A" & "B" listed

  4. Standards and Guidelines for Interventions
    1. Intervention Guide
    2. Preservation Standards
    3. Additional Rehabilitation Standards
    4. Additional Restoration Standards
  5. Register of Heritage Assets:Maps & Summaries
    1. Map of Heritage Buildingd at the U of S
    2. Map of Heritage Sites at the U of S
    3. Register of Heritage Assets - Summary by Asset Record Number
    4. Register of Heritage Assets - Summary in Chronological Order
  6. Architecture & Place: Making the University of Saskatchewan

  7. Register of Heritage Assets - Index of Heritage Building and Site Reports

  8. Supporting Documents
    1. Glossary
    2. Bibliography
    3. Appendix: Stone