Vanessa Heffner (Room Scheduling Office)

1. How long have you worked @ FMD?

Since April 2005

2. What factors made FMD your employer of choice?    

It seemed like a good fit for me as I’d done scheduling on campus in another college. When I had the interview, my hunch was confirmed, and the people were going to be great to work with.

3. What do you like most about working at FMD?

The people! I like the diversity of FMD – we do so much here. I also enjoy providing a service to the campus, and feel like I am contributing.

4. What are the three biggest benefits to working @ FMD OR how has your life changed since you began working @ FMD?

People are treated fairly, equitably and with respect. It’s a great way to start the day – saying Hello and Good Morning to co-workers as you make your way to your desk. I love that! A skill that I acquired was definitely getting more of a ‘big picture’ when it came to the campus. I understand how we all fit and work together.

5. If you were to recommend FMD as an employer, what word would you use to best describe FMD’s environment?

“Service with a smile!”

Personal comments

The diversity and the people who work in FMD are what make my job exciting every day. We understand the campus in a way that nobody else does, and that’s a great feeling. Providing service with a smile and having great co-workers is what it’s all about! - Vanessa