Daryl Cherry (Project Manager/ Major Projects, P&D)

1. How long have you worked @ FMD?

Since January 1990

2. What factors made FMD your employer of choice?

Honestly, I was looking for stable employment. Back in the late 80’s in Saskatoon, the construction market was boom or bust. I knew the U of S was a good employer. The pensions and benefits programs were also very attractive to me. 

3. What do you like most about working at FMD?

The people! The work itself is interesting, but if it weren’t for the cohesive, team spirit in FMD, that wouldn’t matter to me. You can really notice this in a time of crisis, how all the different areas and units pull together.

4. What are the three biggest benefits to working @ FMD OR how has your life changed since you began working @ FMD?

I’d have to say hours of work and flexibility of those. I love the campus grounds, and at lunch, just head out for a walk anywhere. I think Palliser Gardens is one of the best kept secrets on campus! Also, the benefits are amazing. The skill acquired: communication skills.

5. If you were to recommend FMD as an employer, what word would you use to best describe FMD’s environment?


Personal comments

The people I work with in FMD truly make coming to work a joy – we bring all sorts of skills together in a way that’s not often seen, especially in a time of crisis. I’ve seen our division grow and expand in so many ways over the years. We are really cohesive, and are often challenged to ‘think outside the box’. Our environment is truly vibrant! - Daryl