Project Governance

Colleen Macdonald

Colleen Macdonald, BSc, BSA
Director, Project Governance



Organizational Chart

FMD Organizational Chart

Led by Colleen Macdonald, the Project Governance office is responsible for ensuring the university’s Project Governance Model is followed throughout all major projects.  The model outlines the inter-relationships between all internal and external stakholders and ensures effective planning, prioritization, approval, management, and reporting of major projects.

The Major Projects Planning Process is a systematic and transparent approach wherein major projects are reviewed within the context of the university's Integrated Plan, Strategic Directions, and College/Unit Academic and Strategic Plans. This planning process also recognizes mitigating factors such as internal and external funding opportunities, life safety, and code and regulatory issues.

There are four stages to the Major Project Planning Process:

  1. Project Request and Review
  2. Project Pre-Planning and Brief
  3. Project Approval, Review, and Decision
  4. Project Governance, Full Approvals, and Execution.

The Integrated Planning office manages the first three stages and the Project Governance office within Facilities Management manages the fourth stage.

Using a set of processes and practices, the Project Governance office ensures all parties involved are accountable for their actions and decisions.  The office also ensures information regarding the project is communicated to all stakeholders, issues encountered within each project are reviewed appropriately, and required approvals and direction for each project are obtained at appropriate stages. This is achieved through close collaboration between the Project Governance office, Institutional Planning and Assessment, and various steering committees and working groups established for individual projects.

Project Process