Integrated Planning

FMD Third Integrated Plan

In the third planning cycle, FMD will focus on long-range and multi-year plans related to resources, space planning, project management, sustainability, capital infrastructure, and core services.

FMD Second Integrated Plan

FMD Achievement Record

FMD develops an Achievement Record yearly to help measure, assess, and report on the division’s performance and progress towards achieving our vision and goals.

FMD 2011 Achievement Record

FMD 2010 Achievement Record

Our Vision

To be a model facility and service organization that provides outstanding support to the University of Saskatchewan.

Our Mission

To plan, build and maintain the campus buildings, land and infrastructure; providing a safe, sustainable, comfortable and attractive environment for the University of Saskatchewan.

Promise and Potential  – The University of Saskatchewan’s third integrated plan, which is built on a foundation of strategic thinking and implementation, is adaptive to changing circumstances while remaining anchored to the shared vision and goals of the university. In this planning cycle, we are confident that as a university we will realize the full promise and potential of our hard work and choices, and move even closer to our goal of having "an honourable place among the best."

As a support unit to the institution, FMD recognizes that our influence in the four areas of focus will often be indirect; nonetheless, our contributions will continue to play a significant role in enabling the university community to achieve its plans.

After almost a year of discussions with staff, customers, stakeholders, and senior administration, FMD is pleased to present our third integrated plan. Within this plan, we have identified sixteen initiatives that will support the university’s strategic directions and areas of focus and help FMD achieve our mission, vision, and goals.

Video presentation of FMD’s third integrated plan

“This plan is not the work of one set of hands or of one mind, but of many hands and many minds”. Brett Fairbairn, provost and vice-president academic (March 6, 2012)